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Christ Across America

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Reach The Nation & the World for Christ

We Pay You $2,000

CHRIST ACROSS AMERICA is about transforming the landscape of Church Architecture, by taking back the visual realm through a renaissance of inspired creative people, ideas and visions. 


BUILDING THE BEST in Kingdom Architecture through better design, form and function that empowers the entire body of Christ, and impacts the community through tangible love, Inspired Artwork and the best evidence of God, built with beauty and excellence within every State across America.

EVIDENCE OF GOD - One of the key elements to Christ Across America is to bring together concentrated displays of the best evidence of God. Signs, Wonders, Miracles, Testimonies. The latest and best discoveries in Science, Biology, Astronomy, Archeology that confirm the reality of a Divine Designer. Bringing this evidence together is one of the most powerful ways we as the body of Christ can ignite real faith, bring clarity to Truth and establish the authority of the Word of God in the earth.

KING'S GALLERY is about establishing GALLERIES OF GOD'S GLORY across the Nation and around the world.

SHARING THIS VISION with Kingdom minded leaders helps us advance this vision and glorify Christ Across America and establish God's Kingdom in a unique and powerful way.


KING'S GALLERY BRONZE - We are dedicated to work with Kingdom minded leaders to create true inspired landmarks for God's Glory. If the Kingdom leader that you contact decides to use King's Gallery Bronze to create an Inspired Landmark, we will pay you for making that valuable contact.


SHARING THE LOVE -  By you sharing this vision, if your contact efforts lead to our ability to create an Inspired Community Landmark(Bronze) in your State, we will pay you $2,000. See below for more details.


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if King's Gallery Bronze is employed to create an inspired Landmark through your (first) contact efforts,

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