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What is Christ Across America?

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

CAMPAIGN TO GLORIFY CHRIST ACROSS AMERICA in a way that's never been done.

I hear the Spirit of God say, "MY GLORY MUST BE REVEALED. The light of My glory brings the light of understanding and sets the captives free. In the light of My presence is clarity. I want clear creative displays of MY GLORY, MY DIVINE DESIGN, MY TESTIMONIES, MY TRUTH AND MY EVIDENCE, Mind freeing mechanisms.

This is a battle for the minds of men. By My Spirit, I bring focus and the ability to see clearly. The light of My power and My presence is seen in My Creation and all that I touch. Your obedience to bring forth its detail will set the captives free and dissipate the powers of darkness. I say to you again, this is a battle for the minds of men. Bold, beautiful displays of My love, My power, My beauty, and My wisdom.

By My Glory, I will draw all men to Me. Who is like the LORD your God? My love will captivate those who have been trapped in chains of darkness. The light of My love and acceptance attracts the hungry heart. Many are lost and alone, even while being surrounded by the world.

My Children will be conduits of My love, plugged into My Spirit, bringing water to the thirsty dry bones. With their lips they will speak MY LOVE and witness a resurrection of a nation. This is MY WILL and it is for MY GLORY, which I give to you My beloved Children. The God of Heaven surrounds you, even now. Look to Me and I will instruct its detail.

Pay attention with your life, to the One who holds the details of divine design and your destiny. Consider the details of the smallest structures of life. My divine design permeates and saturates with orderly wisdom too great for man to conceive. Trust that the organism of your life is no different.

Submit your mind to My order and align your thinking with My mind, the mind of Christ. Obedience and alignment brings healing and harmony to the body. I came to restore that which is lost and broken. You will do for others what I have done for you. This is how the Kingdom of LIFE manifests on earth.

I see Spirit saturated Generals bringing forth divine strategy to free those lost in darkness and those captivated by the lies of the world and Satan. Much of the American Church and 'religion' are a manifestation of My truth, blanketed with shame and the fear of man. Uncover My glory and do not allow the darkness of fear to hide what I have indeed done for you.

RISE UP in My fullness and do not shrink back in fear and compromise. My soul has no pleasure in cowards. That is not your identity. I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. DISPLAY AND MANIFEST MY GLORY WITH ALL BOLDNESS AND DO NOT SHRINK BACK.

The righteous are as bold as lions! My fullness falls where it is fully embraced. My disciples overturned the world with boldness, with no compromise, without apology. Some will be offended. Some will be violently offended. This is the ACT of radical transformation. The Kingdom of darkness will indeed react when you are truly effective."

~ Love, journal entry, Troi Nelson Cockayne 2012


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