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How Important is seeing the truth?

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

In a world full of voices, talking heads and an endless sea of opinions, who can we trust?

How Clearly do you see and experience True Love?

For those that care about Truth, how important is seeing the evidence of God?

The evidence of God is critically important because it validates His Son, His Word and the only way to True Love and True Life.

It separates and distinguishes the boys from the real man, so to speak. No human being in world history, even comes remotely close to the quite validated life of Jesus Christ. Signs, wonders and miracles, like heavenly beacons point resoundingly to The Way, The Truth and The Life of Yeshua, The Savior of the world.

Seeing this Truth is a matter of Eternal Life or Eternal Death. This fact should make bringing together concentrated displays of THE EVIDENCE OF GOD of paramount importance in the battle against the darkness of lies and deception that has taken many captive today.

GOD HAS AN ANSWER and a vision of what He wants to manifest in the earth in this hour. To learn more of this vision, visit KingsGalleryBronze.Net to see the CHRIST ACROSS AMERICA campaign.

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