Christ Across america


Christ Across America is a massive vision to glorify Christ in all 50 states within exceptional structures called KING'S GALLERY.

Seeking Locations

in every state





to King's gallery


Exceptional Architecture


Funded by Kingdom Kings in every state, Incorporating concentrated displays of the evidence of God, inspired ideas, beauty, form and function. These will be the most meaningful structures ever built, Galleries of God's glory.


Evidence of God


Evidence is the greatest key to usher in revival, because it has the greatest power to ignite real faith in Christ. Bringing that evidence together, beautifully displayed is paramount to the greatest move of God and to KING'S GALLERY.


Kingdom Kings


Like modern day King Solomon's, these are those who know their wisdom and resources are given them 'for such a time as this'. Kingdom Kings are willing to sell the farm to bring the Kingdom of God. They realize the importance of the war for souls. Therefore, they are key to widespread revival and outreach.


Inspired Ones


These are those who have been given inspired visions, strategies and talents 'for such a time as this.' Like Hiram(1 Kings 7:13-45) and Bezalel(Exodus 31:1-11) they need support. Like heavenly freeze tag, if these inspired individuals get free Renaissance and Revival follows in the wake.


Empower Everyone


To God, It means everything that we make real disciples of Jesus Christ. Equipping every believer at the personal level, 24/7, with the EVIDENCE OF GOD (APP) will ensure they see and are easily able to share the best evidence of God, learn how to know God, and learn how to be a real disciple. We believe Empowerment of every believer at the personal level is  key to widespread revival and outreach.

Are you a kingdom king?

or do you know one?

Kingdom Kings are key to widespread revival and outreach. Like King Solomon building a house for God's glory, these are modern day patrons that see their key role in empowering the many inspired children of God to bring forth the inspired ideas, strategies and designs that will make up the most meaningful structures that have ever been built,

galleries of God's glory.

Are you a Kingdom King or do you know one?

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