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King's Gallery Bronze is set apart to help your ministry/business by employing state of the art technology and collaborative design.

Our team of professionals will work to create an exceptional  monument that will make your building project become your communities most inspired landmark.

King's Gallery Bronze is dedicated to help make

your vision become reality.


King's Gallery Bronze

Inspiring Communities for God's Glory



Silent Sermon


Written by Pete Mahoney

When it comes to fine art and sculpting, the local Rescue Mission is not the first venue that comes to mind. However in Tacoma, Washington, the Tacoma Rescue Mission is blessed with a piece of artwork that rivals any museum. Though in this case, the art is not meant to simply impress, but to relay an important message... Read More

Custom Designed

"Together, we have a powerful opportunity to reveal the heart of God for generations to come."


- Troi Nelson Cockayne (Jesus Sculptor)


6 Powerful Reasons

Why Choose King's Gallery Bronze?


the heart of your ministry/business.


 People & Glorify God


your communities most Inspired Landmark


Ongoing Fundraiser Gifts via Canvas Prints, Limited Edition Bronze, etc.


the surrounding community for generations to come


a powerful message 24/7


A Better Way 

To Reach The World

Christ Across America

Transforming The Landscape of Church Architecture

Millions of people, are lost to the experience of 'Knowing God'(True Love). The Evidence of God has the power to ignite their faith and reveal to them the True God of Heaven.


Unbelief, confusion and deception increase where Truth is kept fragmented, scattered and unclear.


Displaying the glory of God is one of the most powerful ways, we as the body of Christ can ignite real faith and establish the trustworthy authority of Christ across America.

There has never been a more important time for the Church to embrace the New Wine of inspired ideas, dreams and Kingdom visions that will not only effectively captivate and reach the world, but glorify God in ways that have never been done.

CHRIST ACROSS AMERICA is a massive vision to glorify Christ in all 50 States by creating Kingdom Epicenters that bring together and display the best evidence of God, coupled with the best in Kingdom Architecture, ideas and strategies to reach the lost and broken world.

KING'S GALLERY BRONZE seeks to partner with Kingdom minded leaders across the Nation to create some of the most beautiful structures ever built, GALLERIES OF GOD'S GLORY, Kingdom Inspired Epicenters, that will house the glory of God, on a scale, and in a way thats never been done.


All over the earth, The Spirit of God is giving His Children fresh inspired vision that will transform the landscape of Church Architecture. These inspired visions and strategies will reveal vibrant structures that through beauty, form and function, will reflect The Fathers heart and His glory in ways that will ignite real faith, hope, and dynamic love to the surrounding community for generations to come!

The ultimate vision of King's Gallery is to see the excellence of Solomon's Kingdom meet the true Supernatural conversion experience we see in the book of Acts.

 Christ Across America

We Pay You $2,000


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